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We Build Better FileMaker™ Database Solutions at MEC

FileMaker Pro™ Development and Consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • MEC has been providing FileMaker Pro™ databases and solutions since 1993.
  • Based in the San Francisco, Bay Area, MEC has built and maintained FileMaker Pro™ databases for UCSF Medical Center, Apple Computer, Fujitsu Computer, and other large, medium, and small businesses.
  • MEC Strives to Provide database solutions that are intuitive and easy to use, regardless of the complexity of the database.
  • We are fluent on all versions of FileMaker from FileMaker 2 to FileMaker Pro 17, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Go 17, on both iPhone and iPad, on both Mac and PC. We provide custom development, custom development to free templates, fixes, troubleshooting, documentation of your database, and conversion from earlier versions to the latest versions.

  • Announcing FileMaker Go, a brand new thin platform for FileMaker databases.

    View, edit and search your FileMaker Pro records on your iPhone or iPad with FileMaker Go. Check inventory, manage event registration, or update project status while on the go. Get direct access to FileMaker Pro databases hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro or copied locally onto FileMaker Go via File Sharing in iTunes.

    Add a pocket or keychain sized barcode scanner to make your inventory or checkouts faster.

    Try out FileMaker’s newest version of web technology by having your solution designed with a web browser in mind. This allows users to log into your FileMaker solution using the latest web technologies, AND it acts and behaves just like the desktop version of FileMaker for your users!

  • Let us help plan and develop Your next project.
  • FileMaker Go iPhone FileMaker Go iPad Here is a great example of the use of FileMaker Go.
    FileMaker Go iPhone FileMaker Go iPad
    FileMaker Pro 11 FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 FileMaker Server 11 FileMaker Server Advanced 11 title=

    MEC is owned and operated by it’s primary developer, Larry Schultz. While Larry does the bulk of the FileMaker work, he’s only part of a larger group of developers who’s expertise in PHP, HTML, XHTML, PERL, Python, Oracle, and more, can be utilized for larger scale projects.