Mac Edge Corporation

We Build Better FileMaker™ Database Solutions at MEC

FileMaker Pro™ consulting and development Filemaker 3 through FileMaker Pro/Claris 19

That’s a really good question! We’ll attempt to answer this, and provide an overview of our thoughts and objectives.

We strive to provide databases for Macintosh and PC that are easy to use and navigate. The user of the database should have an intuitive path to accomplish their tasks. UI (User Interface) can be difficult to discover, plan, and implement. We know, we’ve made lot’s of mistakes building our UI skills. We believe we have a solid base of experience to build on, and we love to join with clients in designing and implementing the best possible tool for them to use. You know your business, and we know ours ……… together with your target chosen, and our suggestions, we can come together to give you the best experience.

There are thousands of FileMaker Pro™ developers and consultants for you to choose from. You, as user of the database, will be looking for the best. The best is a much smaller number than the thousands available, and we are humbled to be part of this smaller group.

Our understanding of your needs is paramount. The ideas that come from the prototype meetings, and during development are usually pretty amazing as both the client and developer get a clearer view of the client’s business processes being used. From one prototype to the next, it’s a child being born and under development, and those involved have much to do with how that child grows.

Developers and consultants are also a blessing in corporate settings, where there may me multiple groups using the database tool. Each of these groups may have their own set of “needs.” Meetings will ensue, and they are usually not a lot of fun. A developer or consultant comes to those meetings, of the various groups, with no bias. He or she will be key in helping to solve many different needs with a variety of methods and coherent designs.

Another item to ponder. Our experience has shown a lot of databases’s are considered a “Black Hole.” A lot of data goes in the database, and that’s the end of it! This data can, and should be used to help a business be more profitable and help plan their future needs and goals. A good database will provide the user with a rich display of where their business, and it’s processes, have been, and where it’s going. It will allow the business to grow in the best possible way by showing trends and and analysis.