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MEC FileMaker Pro™ consulting clients quotes

“Larry has been great to work with. He was able to accommodate my needs, limited budget and deliver what I requested on time. Throughout the process he has been extremely professional, patient and friendly. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I’d definitely work with Larry again.”

Adriana Kevill, KRT Marketing

“I hired Larry at Apple to maintain a large and complex FileMaker Pro™ solution. Larry is an extremely knowledgeable FileMaker developer with an appropriate appreciation for data integrity and user experience. His has excellent communications skills and a work ethic above reproach.”

Tony Nodine, Sr. Mgr., Worldwide Developer Relations Systems & Labs, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry and worked together in planning the Apple WorldWide Developers conference for 4 years. This event, which involved hundreds of speakers, hundreds of sessions, hundreds of production staff, and thousands of details, required a great database at the center to keep communications and planning. Larry created and maintained the database as well as all of the custom reports needed, and was always a joy to work with. Great team player and an expert at his art!”

Diana Connolly, Owner, Groundswell Marketing

“I worked with Larry in the development of a rather complicated database project. With ever-changing parameters, ridiculous and capricious deadlines, and a constantly growing set of data, he managed to smoothly deliver a wonderful, and incredibly usable, result. All the while rolling with the changes without so much as an exasperated sigh.”

Josh Turner, Too Far Image Management

“When it comes to FileMaker, there wasn’t anything we asked of Larry that he couldn’t do. And believe me, we were a demanding group! Larry revised the contact management program that we used and thanks to his improvements, usage of the program amongst our large group increased exponentially. Larry is a pleasure to work with, and when it comes to FileMaker development, there are none finer!”

Neil Kent, Sr Manager, Worldwide Developer Events, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is an exceptional FileMaker Pro Programmer , wonderful to work with and a good communicator. He quickly understood our needs, had helpful suggestions and made a daunting project seem easy. I am glad to have had the chance to work with Larry , he taught me a great deal about how to think outside the box.”

Janet Cochrane, Macy’s Design

““I have had the pleasure of working with Larry on several Filemaker Pro database projects over many years. The quality of Larry’s work, his work ethic and personal touches, have always delivered all I asked for and more. I can fully endorse Larry and the great work he does. Always professional, on time and on budget.”

Michael Hurwitz National Sales Manager Earthworks, Inc.

“Larry is our go-to for anything having to do FMP. He’s a pleasure to work with, reasonably priced and is always there to help with questions, long after his assigned job is complete.”

Dana Barnebey, TeamSRC

“Larry is, without a doubt, among the truly elite FileMaker developers out there today. Indeed, Larry is capable of making FileMaker perform and function in ways that absolutely astound. Moreover, Larry’s a fantastic team player, very collaborative, and a joy with which to work. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Larry again in the future.”

Ed Prasek, Senior Manager, Developer Marketing, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is a very skilled database programmer. He proactively sought client and end-user feedback on his projects integrating complex, and often conflicting, requirements both efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for someone to perform significant database work, I would highly recommend you contact Larry to perform the work.”

Dexter Chan, Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry developed a custom-designed FileMaker solution for our company. He really knows his “stuff” – he is a true FileMaker expert.”

Dagmar Dolatschko, Peritus Translation Services

“Larry is a competent FMP programmer who successfully created a mission critical database for us. He is easy to work with, and always accessible to us to answer questions or modify the database functionality. I know that I can depend on a fast response from Larry, and that translates into tangible results.”

Paul Melnychuck, Too Far Image Management

“Larry is a consummate pro. I ran worldwide corporate communications at a public software company. We hired Larry to architect and build a marketing database that my team could use from any office. He was great to work with and the end result saved us significant hours and dollars over the manual approach we used before.”

Lonn Johnston, Sr Director Corporate Communications, Liberate Technologies

“Larry worked on a number of complex database projects for Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple. He is extremely hard working and professional.”

Gloria Carruthers, Marketing Programs Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is a great developer. He was the sole developer/administrator for our group’s Filemaker database and did an excellent job in managing his duties. He’s a good asset to any team because he posses strong technical and analytic skills. It was great working with him and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with him again.”

Nidhi Ramamurthy, Database Developer, Apple Computer, Inc.

“My experience with Larry was short but delightful. His top attribute is his rare combination of skills. He understood my needs, learned an existing data base, modify it to meet my needs, in almost no time.””

Thom Mayer, Bay Area Roadrunner

“The database looks beautiful!
I think a lot of the other departments around here are gonna be jealous.”

Dan Cochrane, Downtown College Prep

“Larry was an excellent Filemaker architect, developer, database admin while at Apple. The application he developed and maintained was used in many aspects of our business process. He was always very responsive to the resolution of any issues I had with a helpful and friendly attitude. He is a great team player and keeps his eye on the ball. He will be a positive asset in any environment.”

Leon Johnson, Labs Program Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is amazing. His expertise at Database building and the overall knowledge of Computing would make him an asset to any organization. Larry’s Filemaker Skills are an asset to any company that needs database management. And he’s a great guy, too!”

Mike Dennis, Mike Dennis TV

“Working with Larry was a really great experience! I hired him to take on the more complex portions of a database I was building. He made mince meat of those “complex” issues and added some great extra features of his own. He is the most savvy and knowledgeable Filemaker programmer I’ve come across and brings an really amazing attitude and positive approach to the project to boot. Larry and I became friends from our experience and I could not recommend him highly enough!”

Erik Foreman

“Larry is one of the few developer’s that other developer’s go to for help. Honest, trustworthy, reliable and competent.”

Ray Clements, President, LegacyUSA, LLC

“Larry has made it his business to become a highly-developed technical expert on the Macintosh. He is also very personable and has the ability to communicate clearly with his clients. Our working relationship has covered years as one of the contractors in my referral network. He is very honest and trustworthy.”

Nina Feldman, Nina Feldman Connections

“Larry gained a full grasp of our Filemaker Pro database needs and executed the task accordingly. He successfully turned our conceptual goals into reality.”

Emily Danziger, Too Far Image Management

“Larry is a consummate professional, and is an extremely talented FileMaker database whiz.”

Bryan Johns, Senior Alliance Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

“I highly recommend working with Larry. He designed and built a complex database that stored all of the vital information we needed for our Apple conference. It was vital to the success of the 100+ person team planning this event. He’s fast and fun to work with.”

Laura Dahlbeck Cassiani, Indigo Bay, Inc.

“Larry is a remarkable developer and DBA. At Apple, he created a database so integral it is called simply The Essential Database. His technical abilities and people skills are nonpareil; he adroitly negotiates the complicated web of users’ needs, management’s demands and politics. His integrity, abilities and creativity make him a valuable addition to any project, I wholeheartedly endorse him.”

Jacob Clingerman, Apple Computer, Inc.

“If you are using FileMaker, Larry is the guy you need to call.”

Rich Hernandez, Games Segment Manager, Apple Computer

“Larry is one of the most knowledgeable FileMaker developers I’ve worked with. He is comfortable with very complex applications, communicates well and does what it takes to get the job done.”

Steve Donovan, Web Engineer, Apple Computer, Inc

I worked with Larry for two years in a very high-pressure corporate environment. His databases were well designed and maintained, and he was always on top of his work, easy to get along with, and very responsive to requests. He was a highly valued and productive part of the team.”

David Gleason, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is a dedicated professional with great database design and management expertise. Friendly and personable, Larry is a great addition to any team.”

Art Jones, Developer Marketing, Apple Computer, Inc.

“It has been 8 years or so since working with Larry, but the mere fact we stay in touch speaks volumes for his integrity, intelligence and affability. I can recommend Larry without hesitation on these points alone.”

Roger Howard, EVOX Productions

“Larry is an excellent FileMaker programmer. He managed our internal MIS system for several years and did an outstanding job of continually making incremental improvements while ensuring the integrity of the system. He is extremely hard working and conscientious and would be a great addition to any team.”

Doug Bloomquist, Director, Apple Developer Connection, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry is great FileMaker programmer — smart, inventive, and easy to work with. He has amazing patience when it comes to understanding and responding to user needs. He managed a complex, business-critical database that I used regularly, and never let me down once.”

Paul Kopacki, Sr. Group Manager, Developer Marketing, Apple Computer, Inc.

“Larry has been involved in a fairly complex project where his knowledge of Filemaker has been a key in the achievement.”

Michel Sutter, Apple Computer, Inc.